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About Us

- The Company - Squids Innovation Design Pvt Ltd -

Unlock Your Mind With Fun.

We are building sharp mind in Game Speed. BrainyBrain Games, Powered by squids Innovation Design Pvt. Yes, engaging with others often requires collaboration and communication, which involves cognitive processes such as memory, attention, and decision making. This iterative process helps to formulate, revise, and improve solutions.  We designed games, we revolutionise book reading method and made it more of a brain gym activity. We believe that Child safety for a better future is very important.


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We are on a mission, building sharp mind in Game Speed!!!


Meenu M Pillai

Storyteller, the majority of them are user stories about 'what your end user needs'! Always have a list of 'what a solution needs to do' ! Quickest problem solver, building young brains to be best problem solver. Designer who is self-motivated to create products based on needs.

Design Director


Mr. Arun Selvaraj

With a passion for mental health, Arun Selvaraj is enthusiastic about preventing mental illness and promoting mental well-being. With a deep understanding of the complexities of the human mind, he is dedicated to providing evidence-based interventions to help individuals and families cope with emotional and psychological challenges.

Clinical Psychologist (NIMHANS)


Ajay Prabhakar

Strongest tech person, body building and building the machines is something he enjoys the most. Be it 3D printer, or box packing instant invention based on need.

Ta-da, here we are introducing all in one big combo of technology,  works only for solving a problem.

Tech Lead



He works a lot, still stress free!

He eats a lot, still slim and trim!

Best in class product development person. Runs in the speed of formula 1, and sometime Pikachu. Quality is compulsory, will not judge but for sure will measure you. Passionate about technology

Product Developer


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