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Unlike normal cognitive exercise, brain games keep people more engaged. Wink games serve patients who need to relearn skills like memory, pattern recognition and attention.

The WINK game is challenging but not at all that complicated and every game is different. Engaging nearly all cognitive skills, making it an exciting game for brain injury patients.

Bring home the fastest, most fun, and exciting strategic and decision-making game. Create 2 sets of sequences and win the game. Is the set of your 1 sequence of flight, car and ship? Or is your 1st sequence all flights? Congratulations! You just made the wink sequence. Flight is of the highest rank. Is your strategic planning and decision making skill quick and fast? Think hard, make wise decisions. Opponents' move is a clue to your strategic planning. And be the first player to WINK and make the highest set sequence! EXCITING GAME OF DECISION MAKING AND STRATEGIC PLANNING. The goal of each round is to win the Highest Rank Sequence of 2 sets. The highest rank sequence of 2 sets will be the WINNER or should we say WINKER!
How to play OVERVIEW WINK is a card game for two to six players. The goal of each round is to win 2 sets of Highest Ranking Sequence

Shuffle the cards and distribute each player SIX cards, starter (Opener) gets Seven cards. Place the remaining cards in a pile on the center of the table. Each player holds their cards so that they can only see them. The player with Seven cards (Opener) goes first and follow clock wise direction for rest.

Game begins with Opener discarding one of the 7 cards. Player 2 will either pick the discarded card or pick a new card from the pile. You are only allowed to pick latest card from discarded pile. You are allowed to discard picked or anycard of your choice.

FLIGHT OR SHIP There are 4 types of cards in the game:
Flight, Car, Ship, and Scooter..
Flight - First Ranked (** * *)
Car - Second ranked (* * * )
Ship - Third ranked (* * )
Scooter - fourth ranked (*)
WINKER (WINNER) Each game must begin with a Opener and end with a WINKER (Winner). Each game must have at least four shot before WINKING. Players has to WINK/say WINK before closing the game. If you got caught for not WINKING/saying WINK your Opponent can announce WINK Caught, it means you are not allowed to close the game rather discard one card and continue the game. Out of 2 sequence set one WINK Sequence is must have along with other sequence as mentioned in following page. No matter who winks, the highest rank holding sequence creator is the winner of the game.